60 Day Follow Up

This week marked Jacob's first 60 days under the care of Dr. Jerry Kartzinel. Our youngest has endured two months of daily supplements, 30 hours of ABA therapy, 12 hours of speech therapy and 2 hours of occupational therapy. The biggest question people want to know -- is it making any difference? Yes. And no. [...]

Parenting gone wrong

The recent headlines outlining the college admission scandal involving elite universities and wealthy families aren't surprising. The wealthiest of families have often yielded their riches as collateral for college admission in a slue of legal ways, often in the form of donations or gifts to the universities of their choosing. So, while the headlines don't [...]

Is Self-Care Selfish?

Chaos is how I choose to describe my life with three kids, two careers and one marriage. Life is loud and messy. I've given up on having people over for fun because it would require work to make my home presentable, then more work cleaning up after everyone is gone. Life is unpredictable at our [...]