Is Self-Care Selfish?

Chaos is how I choose to describe my life with three kids, two careers and one marriage. Life is loud and messy. I've given up on having people over for fun because it would require work to make my home presentable, then more work cleaning up after everyone is gone. Life is unpredictable at our [...]

Our Support System

I rarely do things alone. I've never lived alone. Before motherhood, I rarely visited stores alone. In college, I preferred to study as part of a group. Even professionally, what I love most about middle school counseling is that there are two of us working together. So it would stand to reason that once the diagnosis [...]

Our Red Flags

A question we often get is, how did we know? What was it that we saw, or didn't see, in Jacob before the official diagnosis that had us questioning Autism to begin with? To set the stage, you must know that the saying "ignorance is bliss" is very true. Unfortunately, we didn't have the privilege [...]

Our ABA Nightmare

When the pediatric psychologist first diagnosed Jacob with Level 2- Autism, the experiences attached to my 11 years in education suddenly flooded me. What does Level 2-Autism even mean? I needed someone to translate that to educational jargon --- is this a SPED case or could he survive on a 504? Are we talking self-contained [...]

Initial Lab Results

Following our initial visit at Dr. Jerry Kartzinel's office, we arrived home with a game plan. The game plan seemed simple: complete the stool, urine and blood tests. The results were directly sent to Florida for him to review. Comprehensive Stool Analysis We collected three different stool samples. The stool analysis kit consisted of three [...]