The “R” word

Those who belong to the Autism community are like a family. Not everybody gets along. We didn't ask to be connected, but it is what it is. We don't see eye to eye on everything. The outside world views us as a united front, but the view from inside looks different. Being part of the [...]

60 Day Follow Up

This week marked Jacob's first 60 days under the care of Dr. Jerry Kartzinel. Our youngest has endured two months of daily supplements, 30 hours of ABA therapy, 12 hours of speech therapy and 2 hours of occupational therapy. The biggest question people want to know -- is it making any difference? Yes. And no. [...]

Our ABA Nightmare

When the pediatric psychologist first diagnosed Jacob with Level 2- Autism, the experiences attached to my 11 years in education suddenly flooded me. What does Level 2-Autism even mean? I needed someone to translate that to educational jargon --- is this a SPED case or could he survive on a 504? Are we talking self-contained [...]

Initial Lab Results

Following our initial visit at Dr. Jerry Kartzinel's office, we arrived home with a game plan. The game plan seemed simple: complete the stool, urine and blood tests. The results were directly sent to Florida for him to review. Comprehensive Stool Analysis We collected three different stool samples. The stool analysis kit consisted of three [...]

Initial MAPS visit

At the suggestion of our friends, we began researching MAPS doctors across the country. Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs.  Although we were still in shock of the initial diagnosis, we both knew that early intervention would be crucial. We were fortunate enough to have some friends who were willing to guide us in ways [...]